Spring boot applications run as service

Deploying spring boot applications can be made as easy as starting a service in linux. Follow the steps below and you can simply execute service appname start/stop/restart in your command prompt.

  1. Create a file by the name of the application in folder /etc/init.d/ eg: login, email, authentication etc.(extension not required)

  2. Copy paste this code below and make changes for location, service name and port on which your application runs

  3. Make the file executable by using command chmod +x appname

  4. Now simply execute service appname start/stop/restart

Additionally we can easily add more output to verify the process executed. eg: echo "Service Restarted Successfully"

# Location of the project
readonly location=/home/user/project/application-name
# Name of the project
readonly servicename=AppNameService
# Port on which the application runs
readonly port=8080

# Steps to start the application
start() {
        # Print the starting of application
        echo "Starting" ${servicename}
        # Navigate the location of the project
        chdir ${location}    
        #Perform processes to start the application
        mvn clean
        mvn install
        # Here the & depicts to start the process as independent process and append the logs to file name nohup at 
        # project location
        nohup mvn spring-boot:run &

# Steps to stop the application
stop() {
    echo "Stopping" ${servicename}
    kill $(sudo lsof -t -i:${port})

# Steps to restart the application
restart() {

# Check the first string from input line and execute the appropriate method
case "$1" in 

echo $"Usage: $0 {start|stop|restart}"


Simple usage of shell script can help a lot in automating the repetative process for development, devops, changing properties from staging to development.

Written on September 19, 2015