Cheatcode for how to learn coding right way

As an engieering graduate and software developer, i always wondered what is the correct way to learn coding (like there was a manual for it :P). I found this was a question many of my peers are searching answer for themselves too. I found this very strange as why there wasnt a clear guideline for it and always felt curriculum lacked practical knowledge. Per say we search for a cheatcode we can use (like 'comeflywithme' from game i need not name) and be geeks of all time.
This blog is an advice for past me and hopefully any student out there trying to figure out coding.
Lets get the obvious out of way,

A golden advice i wish i knew is to learn open source development. There are many advantages which i need not write here and can be easily found on web. The important difference it would make is it opens our thinking to whats happening around world, learn the tricks from magicians themselves and best part whatever we code now helps our peers and geeks all around world to learn what learnt a bit faster. Its a self boosting process that just keeps getting better with time and number of contributers. Not to mention many people do get noticed purely out of there open source project. A great exmaple for this would be, you should check this link.

Happy Exploring ! Cheers !

Written on September 19, 2015